Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Got Hitched!

So...I finally took the plunge and got married! For the entire month of June I was as stressed as I've ever been. When July 3rd finally arrived, I didn't know whether to cry, throw up, or run for the woods lol.

I wanted a tie dye wedding, and trying to find dresses for all different shapes and sizes was like trying to pull teeth. We finally found a great place though, Custom Crafts, that did a beautiful job with the brides maid dresses.

My husband was so nervous as well, that he actually told his best man, (my son Hunter), that he may have to hold him up. His knees were shaking so bad he thought he might fall down.

Then I pulled up, and I say pulled up on this...

SHOTGUN WEDDING! Instead of my Dad walking me down the isle, he drove me on a Harley Davidson Trike, and when my husband to be saw me with a shotgun in my hand, I thought he was going to fall over! My Dad's idea, only he was supposed to be holding the gun. He couldn't drive and hold it at the same time though LMAO!

As nervous as we were, we got through our "I Do's", and officially tied the knot :).

You may now kiss the bride :)

The entire wedding party left on motorcycles. It just couldn't have been any better than that. Not to mention, Burt and I could finally breathe again haha.

Then it rained! BUT...we welcomed it as it was so hot that day, the rain was so refreshing, not to mention, they say it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day! So guess our marriage will be blessed with luck until death do us part!

My mother was having a really good day. She welcomed Burt with open arms and said, "Welcome to our crazy family. You better treat her right or I'll kick your ass!" Needless to say, she was the comedian of the night lol.

So now I am Mrs. Burt Morgret, yes, a very German name. He's taken me back to my own roots with my new last name. One day we may just travel to Germany and get a real taste of our heritage.

Things are finally settling down and I am trying to get back to work as normal. Life's just been so exciting! As we settle into our new lives together, I can only imagine it can only get better from here, if that's even possible.

I can't believe how smooth the wedding and the reception went, no hitches, haha no pun intended. It was just a beautiful day, even with the rain! I'm very blessed.

How about you? Any wedding blunders, or beautiful stories from your day? I'd love to hear them :)

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