Monday, June 27, 2011

Night Secrets Book 2

I think my muse is liking this story, or maybe she's just really liking Corbin. Not really sure but she's let me start writing the second book and she keeps going with it. She's not tried to change my mind once and it's kind of nice. I may actually be able to finish a whole book before she changes her mind again.

In case you don't know my muse, her name is Mouthy Mary. She's very bossy and frequently changes her mind. She's a fly by the seat of your pants kind of gal and mostly drives me crazy! Thank God for Mouthy Mary though too, as she helps my writing, for the most part. Sometimes she makes no sense but we figure it out later.

Excerpt from Night Secrets Book 1:

Not today though. Today was the day life would start again. Two months of mourning was long enough. I had worried the people that cared about me too long and it was time to get out of bed. Nice and hot, the steam from the shower aroused my senses once again! Just what I needed. A day with a purpose.
After my shower I called Jared, who was all too eager to come over. It seemed like we had just hung up and he was there. “Honey, you can’t ever do that to me again. I was so worried about you!” Jared walked through my doorway, swaggering his hips with one hand on his waist. His black framed glasses rested on his nose covering brown eyes. His hair was brown with short blonde spikes across the top, and a fluffy purple scarf was wrapped around his neck.
I’m sorry Jared. I just needed time to myself.”
Hun, I understand, but you should never shut out those who love you.” He flung his arms around me, squeezing.
I promise, I won’t do it again.” I squeaked out. “Too…tight…Jared.”
He loosened his grip. “Oh sorry hun. I just missed you so much!” He held my shoulders while staring at me, looking me up and down. “You know I love you right?” He kissed the air next to one cheek and then the other.
Yes Jared. I know.” I kissed his cheek.
How are you hun? Really. Are you okay?”
I feel better now. I'm good, really. Now fill me in on what’s been going on.”
Oh girlllllll! You are not going to believe it!” Jared slapped the air with one hand. He was the gossip king at school, and since he was gay, like you didn’t know that, he gets the gossip from both the guys and the girls. Everyone loves Jared.
Bridget Moore is now single. That beast she was dating finally got caught cheating on her! You know I never liked him. Anyways, she is now dating Travis Johnson. Mmm hmm. That’s right girl. They are now dating, Bridget and Travis.”
Wow. A lot has happened. I feel so out of the loop.” I looked at my lap.
Awww. Don’t worry hun. I’ll have you caught up in no time.” Jared chuckled as he jabbered on about all the gossip at school. He was right. I was caught up in no time.
Your favorite band’s playing tonight. You want to go?” Jared asked with pleading eyes.
Oh yeah? Where they playing?”
Down at Club Indigo. We should go. It’ll be fun, not to mention it’ll get you out of this stinky old room. You should really open the windows and let some fresh air in here honey.”
I chuckled walking to the window and opened it. It was cloudy out, though not raining. Another one? A blue crystal, no doubt left by my mysterious aunt, sat in the corner of the window. Shaking my head I left it where it was. Maybe if I quit moving them she would quit replacing them. “Sounds like a plan for tonight. What time should I meet you there?”
How about seven. That will give me time to do some shopping for tonight. Thinking a new outfit is in the near future! You want to go hun?”
No shopping for me. You have fun. I’ll meet you at seven.”
Great Keara. See you tonight then. I’ll have a surprise for you. I best be going so I have time to shop!” He gave me another squeeze before bouncing out the door full of excitement for shopping. “Tonight will be so much fun. Trust me.”
I watched Jared get in his car from my bedroom window, then decided on a nap. Jared’s energy was enough to wear anyone out.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Free The Souls Short Story

 Free The Souls by B.K. Walker

The parchment read, "There is a magic talisman that allows its keepers to read minds."

"Where could it be, I wonder? We must find this magic talisman."

"I sense the Ruler of Demons has already found it."
Fear enveloped her as her heart raced, Jenna couldn't believe it had fallen into death's grip. "We cannot allow him to possess it. It's much too dangerous. If he has this magic, this power, he will know everyone's worst fears and use it against them. He can obtain too many souls with this ability."

Jonah knew she was right. As a white lighter, Jenna had been assigned as his latest charge. He thought it odd that he would be called to protect such an angelic creature, she was more than what he thought though and never ceased to amaze him for she feared nothing. It would be up to them to stop Aimin. "What do you expect us to do Jenna? I can only sense him, I cannot know his whereabouts."

A burst of light erupted from Jenna, ivory white wings spanning across her back. She closed her eyes, soaking up the warmth from the light. Bringing her hands together, she waited for an answer. After several long agonizing moments, her eyes fluttered open. "I've got him." As quickly as they had appeared, her wings disappeared, folding in against her back.

"Where is he Jenna?"

"Follow me, he isn't far." She raced to the south side of town, Jonah fast on her heels. He couldn't help but think about all the people that would be damned to Hell if the Ruler of Death could use their fear against them to obtain their soul. He fed on fear, and that's what gave him his power. The more souls he could get by using what they feared most, promising them things they would never obtain, convincing them they needed to sell their soul to the devil, all to be free from their nightmares, the thought nauseated him. "We must run faster." Jonah said with a notable pain in his voice.

Within minutes they came upon the eerie chill of death's presence. Keeping to the shadows, they walked quietly. Echoes from the screams of lost souls alerted them they were near the portal to death's kingdom. Aimin was very close.

Jonah couldn't help but to hear the cries of the lost souls. Silently his heart weeped, wishing he could have saved them all before they were consumed by the fire.

"I know you are here Jenna. I can read your mind. You will never stop me." A deep, demon like voice broke through the cries of pain.


"That's right. I knew you would come. Did you think that would not be my plan all along? To get you here, so I can be rid of you myself?" He laughed with pure evil. "You are such a burden to me child." Flames ignited and Aimin was dead center of them. Horns curved around his head starting at his ears. His eyes were black as coal, and he smiled looking straight at Jenna and Jonah.

Jenna took a step and the flames grew higher, spreading farther around the devil himself. Jenna stopped and concentrated. Looking beyond Aimin, she saw a girl cowering to the ground, holding her knees in a fetal position. What has he done?

Noticing her point of focus, Aimin laughed with such evil it made Jenna cringe. In the light of the fire, she felt the heat rise within her. Confidence and a sense of safety swarmed her like a misting rain. Jonah appeared by her side, deepening that sense of safety. Joining hands, white light lit the night like a football stadium. Jenna closed her eyes and called upon The Holy Powers of the Almighty.

The cowering girl dared a peek from behind tightly closed eyes. Squinting against the bright light, she watched in awe as the one that had just been tormenting her, filling her head with the past when her parents died, which she blamed herself, was now the one suffering. Tears fell from her eyes and she was trembling beyond control.

Ivory wings emerged from behind Jenna's back. Fluttering violently, a fierce wind smothered Aimin's flames to extinction. The smile fell from his face and was replaced with fear.

Raising her hands, energy flowed from her into Aimin as he screamed, grabbing his head from the pain thrown within him. "What are you doing wench?" He cried out. "Ahhh! You will not win!"

Thrusting more energy at him, she slowly opened her eyes. Jonah moved aside, knowing she would no longer need his assistance. "Aimin, you are hereby sentenced. For all the pain you have caused to others, you will feel times ten. Hear the screams Aimin, feel their pain. Know what you have done will never be forgiven." Jenna's wings expanded as she moved in on him. He screamed, bent at the middle holding his head in agony. Closing her wings around him, she said a prayer in a language unknown to the human ear. Aimin's screams were ear piercing, as he bellowed out. The last thing they heard from him, "This won't be the end. I will return." His screams faded until there was nothing but silence. Jenna unfolded her wings to show nothing but empty space. The light receded as her wings folded into her back. There was no noise to be heard, the screaming souls freed.

Jenna looked down to see a shiny object laying before her. "The talisman." Bending down to pick it up she looked to the girl. Slowly approaching her, the girl screamed, "Don't hurt me!"

"I won't hurt you." She knelt down beside her, placing a hand upon her shoulder. "You are the one."

Chasing Love Short Story

Chasing Love by B.K. Walker

Trees blurred as she ran through the woods. The smell of pine and earth assaulted her nostrils, her chest straining to expand as she gasped for more air. She chanced a look behind her, hoping she had finally lost the creature hunting her. Slowing her pace she kept a watchful eye behind her, her ears listening for any movement. Nothing. Feeling her shoulders relax, she turned to find her way out of the woods and back to the safety of her home. She screeched as she was met by a strong, solid body standing directly in front of her.

"I love a chase." He smirked. His dark eyes showed every hint of humor as he looked down upon her.

He moved in closer, inhaling her fruity scent. His mouth watered and he ran his tongue over the sharp fangs extending from the gum line.

Emma bit her tongue, chasing the scream back down her throat that was trying to escape. She would not give him the satisfaction, but his eyes were filled with evident hunger. Her heart beat so loudly she was sure he could hear it too.

He reached for her and slid a stray hair from her forehead. "Emma, I mean you no harm."

"Then why chase me?"

"You needed an explanation after what you saw."

Closing her eyes tight she spoke through gritted teeth. "I saw murder."

"That was not murder my dear Emma. It was survival."

She felt her stomach twist in knots as bile rose in her throat. She turned to run, but he caught her wrist before she could make her escape.

"Emma, please. Let me explain."

"I don't want to hear your lies." She snapped.

"You trusted me before, why can't you trust me again?"

"I trusted you when I didn't know you were a monster!"
She turned her head away with disgust.

Studying her, his emotions soared through him like the blood that should be coarsing in his veins. There was no blood anymore, the veins were dry, dead just like he was. Never thinking he may feel love again, this mere mortal has taken his life to a whole new reason for being. He wanted to be good, to be a better 'undead' man. He would endure anything if he could have her but just once. He remembered the look on her face as she happened upon him during his feeding. He never meant for her to see. He wanted to ease her into how he had to live, how he had to survive. He was gone too long and she came searching for him. This was one incident he could never take back. Even rolling her mind would be useless as this was something that would find its way back into her memories.

"I didn't mean for you to find out this way. I'm sorry."

She watched him with hatred in her eyes. "You're sorry you killed that poor girl?"

He had to admit he got a little carried away, but he did not kill her. He simply left her unconscious as he set chase after Emma. She would be fine once her blood replenished. "I killed nobody. That girl is still alive. She was just...tired."

Eyes squinting she spat in his face. The girl took a breath and looked the vampire right in the eye and said, "Do what you will. I do not fear death. I am ready to meet my maker." She closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side baring her neck.

“I do not wish to kill you Emma, but to love you." He let go of her wrist he had been holding to keep her from running.

Turning her head fast she looked him in the eye once more. Looking for the lie, she searched his face over and over. "You do not know what love is Demetri."

"That may have been true before I met you, for it has been a very long time since I have felt love, but I know what love feels like. I know I love you." He watched her face soften, so he continued. "I have not loved anyone since my wife many, many years ago. I never thought I would feel it again. I thought I was just doomed to misery for the rest of eternity. You changed that Emma. You changed that the moment you accepted my friendship."

"No. I didn't change anything. I'm not able to change anything."

"Yes. You are. You are a beautiful person Emma. You were given this gift to help people through their struggles, to make them feel whole. That is what you have done for me. You have given me new reasons to live."

Tears welled in her eyes. She didn't want to love him. She had been fighting her feelings for some time now, but after what she saw she fought to keep them from surfacing. How could she possibly love a monster like this? Someone capable of murder?

Demetri watched the emotions dance across her face, from love to fear. He knew she loved him too. He could smell it pouring off her. Why couldn't she just accept it? Before he had time to contemplate what his next words would be, she darted through the thicket of trees. He watched her go for a moment, wondering what he could do to convince her she loved him. He was sure of it. He decided he would not waste any more breath, he would just show her. With vampire speed, he closed the distance between them. She screamed as he grabbed her around the waist. Spinning her around he backed her up against a tree, putting his hands on either side of her just above her shoulders. Her breathing was heavy and she screamed as she beat his chest with closed fists.

“Let me go! Let me go or kill me now, but I won't ever love you!” Tears streamed down her cheeks like a steady rain.

Grabbing her wrists he pinned them above her head, careful not to scrape her skin on the bark of the tree. “This tree probably knows more than you that you do love me. May the holy beings from Heaven strike me dead if I'm wrong.” Before she could say another word, he crushed his lips against hers.

She struggled at first, trying to resist the kiss. Demetri remained adimant, and after just a few seconds, she gave in. Her shoulders relaxed along with her wrists restrained by his hands. Her soft lips moved against his, and the mere warmth of them sent heat from his head to his toes. He let go of her wrists and they fell around his neck, pulling him in closer, deepening the kiss. Demetri never wanted this moment to end. They slowly brought their lips apart, and she finally said the words he had been longing to hear.

“I love you Demetri.”

Tips To Market Your Book

Tips To Successfully Market Your Book

As an Indie Author I wanted to get myself out there and meet like minded people,  new authors,  people as frustrated as I was with trying to get my name out there.  Now my first book is nothing to jump up and down about,  but it was my first published novel and I was excited.  When I couldn't even get a review for the book,  I almost gave up rendering this particular adventure just wasn't for me.  So what changed my mind?.....

You all did.  I met some pretty frustrated authors along my journeys.  First it was with the publishing process,  then it was the price of the book,  then it was the marketing itself.  No publisher can truly prepare you for what is in store for you as an Indie Author.  Not even close.

So what can we as authors do to help our sales and to get our names known to the public?  Well,  I will share with you the top 10 things I've learned along the way.

1.  First and foremost - treat it like a business.  The minute you got your book published,  you went into business for yourself.  Now you must always act professional and always try to sell yourself.

2.  Research your publisher well - Not only were the many authors and myself utterly confused by our contracts,  we really thought we would be getting services that we did not.  Now I won't mention any names for the publishing house,  but I will say if I knew back then what I know now,  I really would have done things differently.

3.  Edit, revise, edit,  and revise some more - because you are now in business for yourself,  you want your product to be just as professional as you are.  Find yourself a good editor,  let them find your mistakes and critque your work.  Never take criticism as bad.  Keep your head held high and keep moving forward.

4.  Publish in both print and E-format - E-books are becoming the meat of our industry.  They are cheaper and easier to accesss.  People can search online and find the book they want,  buy it,  and have immediate access without ever leaving the comfort of their homes.  E-books could very well be the gold mine of your sales,  don't throw that away.

5.  Make friends - find people that are in the industry.  There are so many book blogs,  other Indie Authors,  websites,  books even for you to find other authors such as yourself to befriend.  Once you make some friends,  you will realize you're not alone and when a road block presents itself,  it will be that much easier to cope because you have back-up.  People who've already been there.

6.  Get yourself some Reviews - there are a ton of Review sites on the internet.  Not all will accept E-book format or a PDF,  but there are a lot that do.  Do your research and find the sites that take PDF's.  Once you find them,  find their review policy and submission guidelines and inquire about a review.  Once you get a yes,  send them your book.  Many reviewers are able to post to Amazon and Barnes & Noble,  and this will only help your sales.

7.  Social network your new book - Use facebook,  twitter,  author groups,  email lists.  Let people know you have a new book released and what it's about.  You can even ask for reviewers this way.  Build a website about the book and/or a blog.  Refer people to these sites.  I have sites all over the place,  and if you google my name,  you will see that I am actually everywhere.  Keep talking about it and you will get some responses I guarantee.

8.  Inquire about being Interviewed - some of these new book blogs you are finding also host author interviews.  Don't be afraid to ask them if they would be interested in interviewing you about your new release.  You'd be surprised how many yes's you will get.  Bloggers love to interview authors.

9.  Join an author group such as Authors Supporting Authors (  or Book Blogs on Ning.  Once you have access to these groups,  you will
find they have sub-groups for reviewers,  bloggers that want guest posts and interviews,  book festivals that you can submit your book to,  radio shows, live chats.  The possibilities are endless.

10.  Take your book on Virtual Tour - virtual book tours are becoming the next big thing in book marketing and promotion.  People are finding it easier to appear on a blog for a day with greater exposure rates than sitting in a bookstore and hoping people will show up for your book signing.  You simply find an organization that sets up tours,  look at their packages,  and book your tour.  You will then hop from blog to blog over a span of one month to 3 months,  selling yourself and your book.  It's a fantastic way to promote your work and gain some publicity.

That is what I've found to be the top ten steps to successful book promotion.  I've had a lot of fun making this journey,  and I'm happy to pave the path to make it that much easier for the newest Indie Author on the market.  It wasn't always easy,  but I must say that I now am being paid my royalties every month,  and many times I've not even tried to sell my books and yet the money is still coming in.