Monday, June 27, 2011

Night Secrets Book 2

I think my muse is liking this story, or maybe she's just really liking Corbin. Not really sure but she's let me start writing the second book and she keeps going with it. She's not tried to change my mind once and it's kind of nice. I may actually be able to finish a whole book before she changes her mind again.

In case you don't know my muse, her name is Mouthy Mary. She's very bossy and frequently changes her mind. She's a fly by the seat of your pants kind of gal and mostly drives me crazy! Thank God for Mouthy Mary though too, as she helps my writing, for the most part. Sometimes she makes no sense but we figure it out later.

Excerpt from Night Secrets Book 1:

Not today though. Today was the day life would start again. Two months of mourning was long enough. I had worried the people that cared about me too long and it was time to get out of bed. Nice and hot, the steam from the shower aroused my senses once again! Just what I needed. A day with a purpose.
After my shower I called Jared, who was all too eager to come over. It seemed like we had just hung up and he was there. “Honey, you can’t ever do that to me again. I was so worried about you!” Jared walked through my doorway, swaggering his hips with one hand on his waist. His black framed glasses rested on his nose covering brown eyes. His hair was brown with short blonde spikes across the top, and a fluffy purple scarf was wrapped around his neck.
I’m sorry Jared. I just needed time to myself.”
Hun, I understand, but you should never shut out those who love you.” He flung his arms around me, squeezing.
I promise, I won’t do it again.” I squeaked out. “Too…tight…Jared.”
He loosened his grip. “Oh sorry hun. I just missed you so much!” He held my shoulders while staring at me, looking me up and down. “You know I love you right?” He kissed the air next to one cheek and then the other.
Yes Jared. I know.” I kissed his cheek.
How are you hun? Really. Are you okay?”
I feel better now. I'm good, really. Now fill me in on what’s been going on.”
Oh girlllllll! You are not going to believe it!” Jared slapped the air with one hand. He was the gossip king at school, and since he was gay, like you didn’t know that, he gets the gossip from both the guys and the girls. Everyone loves Jared.
Bridget Moore is now single. That beast she was dating finally got caught cheating on her! You know I never liked him. Anyways, she is now dating Travis Johnson. Mmm hmm. That’s right girl. They are now dating, Bridget and Travis.”
Wow. A lot has happened. I feel so out of the loop.” I looked at my lap.
Awww. Don’t worry hun. I’ll have you caught up in no time.” Jared chuckled as he jabbered on about all the gossip at school. He was right. I was caught up in no time.
Your favorite band’s playing tonight. You want to go?” Jared asked with pleading eyes.
Oh yeah? Where they playing?”
Down at Club Indigo. We should go. It’ll be fun, not to mention it’ll get you out of this stinky old room. You should really open the windows and let some fresh air in here honey.”
I chuckled walking to the window and opened it. It was cloudy out, though not raining. Another one? A blue crystal, no doubt left by my mysterious aunt, sat in the corner of the window. Shaking my head I left it where it was. Maybe if I quit moving them she would quit replacing them. “Sounds like a plan for tonight. What time should I meet you there?”
How about seven. That will give me time to do some shopping for tonight. Thinking a new outfit is in the near future! You want to go hun?”
No shopping for me. You have fun. I’ll meet you at seven.”
Great Keara. See you tonight then. I’ll have a surprise for you. I best be going so I have time to shop!” He gave me another squeeze before bouncing out the door full of excitement for shopping. “Tonight will be so much fun. Trust me.”
I watched Jared get in his car from my bedroom window, then decided on a nap. Jared’s energy was enough to wear anyone out.

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