Sunday, June 26, 2011

Free The Souls Short Story

 Free The Souls by B.K. Walker

The parchment read, "There is a magic talisman that allows its keepers to read minds."

"Where could it be, I wonder? We must find this magic talisman."

"I sense the Ruler of Demons has already found it."
Fear enveloped her as her heart raced, Jenna couldn't believe it had fallen into death's grip. "We cannot allow him to possess it. It's much too dangerous. If he has this magic, this power, he will know everyone's worst fears and use it against them. He can obtain too many souls with this ability."

Jonah knew she was right. As a white lighter, Jenna had been assigned as his latest charge. He thought it odd that he would be called to protect such an angelic creature, she was more than what he thought though and never ceased to amaze him for she feared nothing. It would be up to them to stop Aimin. "What do you expect us to do Jenna? I can only sense him, I cannot know his whereabouts."

A burst of light erupted from Jenna, ivory white wings spanning across her back. She closed her eyes, soaking up the warmth from the light. Bringing her hands together, she waited for an answer. After several long agonizing moments, her eyes fluttered open. "I've got him." As quickly as they had appeared, her wings disappeared, folding in against her back.

"Where is he Jenna?"

"Follow me, he isn't far." She raced to the south side of town, Jonah fast on her heels. He couldn't help but think about all the people that would be damned to Hell if the Ruler of Death could use their fear against them to obtain their soul. He fed on fear, and that's what gave him his power. The more souls he could get by using what they feared most, promising them things they would never obtain, convincing them they needed to sell their soul to the devil, all to be free from their nightmares, the thought nauseated him. "We must run faster." Jonah said with a notable pain in his voice.

Within minutes they came upon the eerie chill of death's presence. Keeping to the shadows, they walked quietly. Echoes from the screams of lost souls alerted them they were near the portal to death's kingdom. Aimin was very close.

Jonah couldn't help but to hear the cries of the lost souls. Silently his heart weeped, wishing he could have saved them all before they were consumed by the fire.

"I know you are here Jenna. I can read your mind. You will never stop me." A deep, demon like voice broke through the cries of pain.


"That's right. I knew you would come. Did you think that would not be my plan all along? To get you here, so I can be rid of you myself?" He laughed with pure evil. "You are such a burden to me child." Flames ignited and Aimin was dead center of them. Horns curved around his head starting at his ears. His eyes were black as coal, and he smiled looking straight at Jenna and Jonah.

Jenna took a step and the flames grew higher, spreading farther around the devil himself. Jenna stopped and concentrated. Looking beyond Aimin, she saw a girl cowering to the ground, holding her knees in a fetal position. What has he done?

Noticing her point of focus, Aimin laughed with such evil it made Jenna cringe. In the light of the fire, she felt the heat rise within her. Confidence and a sense of safety swarmed her like a misting rain. Jonah appeared by her side, deepening that sense of safety. Joining hands, white light lit the night like a football stadium. Jenna closed her eyes and called upon The Holy Powers of the Almighty.

The cowering girl dared a peek from behind tightly closed eyes. Squinting against the bright light, she watched in awe as the one that had just been tormenting her, filling her head with the past when her parents died, which she blamed herself, was now the one suffering. Tears fell from her eyes and she was trembling beyond control.

Ivory wings emerged from behind Jenna's back. Fluttering violently, a fierce wind smothered Aimin's flames to extinction. The smile fell from his face and was replaced with fear.

Raising her hands, energy flowed from her into Aimin as he screamed, grabbing his head from the pain thrown within him. "What are you doing wench?" He cried out. "Ahhh! You will not win!"

Thrusting more energy at him, she slowly opened her eyes. Jonah moved aside, knowing she would no longer need his assistance. "Aimin, you are hereby sentenced. For all the pain you have caused to others, you will feel times ten. Hear the screams Aimin, feel their pain. Know what you have done will never be forgiven." Jenna's wings expanded as she moved in on him. He screamed, bent at the middle holding his head in agony. Closing her wings around him, she said a prayer in a language unknown to the human ear. Aimin's screams were ear piercing, as he bellowed out. The last thing they heard from him, "This won't be the end. I will return." His screams faded until there was nothing but silence. Jenna unfolded her wings to show nothing but empty space. The light receded as her wings folded into her back. There was no noise to be heard, the screaming souls freed.

Jenna looked down to see a shiny object laying before her. "The talisman." Bending down to pick it up she looked to the girl. Slowly approaching her, the girl screamed, "Don't hurt me!"

"I won't hurt you." She knelt down beside her, placing a hand upon her shoulder. "You are the one."

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