Friday, October 14, 2011

Crazy Dreams

I have been having some really crazy dreams lately. I'm talking someone trying to kill you and your scared for your life dreams! Have you ever had those kinds of dreams?

Seriously though, I've been dreaming a lot about my past. Especially the people that were in it. Some have since passed away, yet there they are in my dreams as real as can be. The funny thing is though, they are here in PA with me instead of NY. The same places from NY, I mean building or house wise, but in the mountains on some lone dirt road here in PA. The one dream we were at a party in the woods, up on the mountain, and my friends from NY were there. A friend from down here was racing his dirt bike and a tractor trailer jumped a hill, causing him to skid on his side on the bike and the truck landed on the hill with the dirt bike and my friend under the front end as it teetered.  Then we had to hide in this house to stay away from the creatures that were after us, in my minds eye they were like little gremlins. Remember that movie? LOL.

Sometimes the dreams from the entire week just mesh together and I can't make heads or tails of any of them. Now I know I keep a journal on my headboard, and maybe I should have written them down as I woke up, BUT I didn't. Silly me! Right?  Probably would have made for a damn good book! Needless to say it's one of those months where I haven't been getting enough sleep, maybe drinking a little too much, (love that home-made wine ya know, tis the season), and I just didn't have the energy to journal.

My writing MOJO has been a bit off, but I'm slowly getting back on track.

I do have a new works in my head though. And guess what? It doesn't involve vampires or werewolves...HA!  It does involve ghosts though, and maybe a murder mystery :). I'm kind of excited to delve into this genre, as I've not touched it before. Should be exciting!

Sneak Peak into Corbin's Descent: Book 2 in the Night Secrets Series

You get the first look - sshhh! Don't tell anyone

Peering around the corner I was suddenly thrown back by a bright light whizzing by my head. Getting to my knees I saw Zara holding white burning balls in her hands, releasing one that hit Malinda directly in the chest. “Malinda!”

Run lass!” She yelled back pointing back up the stairs.

Invite me in Zara! She's going to get away!”

I turned to run, searching frantically for somewhere to hide, some way to get away from Dante'. I couldn't believe he'd found me. Hiding really wouldn't be an option, he was a vampire and could smell me from a mile away. I ran to Malinda's room, spinning in circles with desperation. Then my grandmothers words whispered through my head. You must learn to control the shift. I stood still and said the words aloud. “You must learn to control the shift.” I knew that the shift was connected to strong emotions, so I took all my fear that was coursing through me and pushed it out. Grandmother had said the shift was all about energy, as is majik. If I could learn to harness the energy, I could learn to master both. I concentrated harder.

Just as the door flew open and Dante' said my name, I shifted into my Raven and flew over his head. He jumped trying to catch me and I barely escaped his clutches. Zara saw me and threw one of her white flaming balls in my direction. “Kin or no kin.” She said as the ball hit my wing, sending me rolling to the ground and out the door.

Being lifted off my feet I screeched. “It's me Sweet Keara.”

Dante'.” Was all I said and he charged the house.

The hit wasn't as bad as I thought as I looked at my shirt smoking. It wasn't a smoke like from fire, but from majik. It was cold and the smoke was blue in color. I had a single mark along my side, but other than that I was unharmed.

I started back into the house to see if Malinda was okay when Zara went flying by me. “Run lass. Run now! Zara ya bes' be thinkin' boot wha' ya be doin'. Ya can n't be goin' back once ya cross tha' line child.” She looked at me one last time. “I said RUN CHILD!”

Without another word I took off running. I had no idea where I was going, but I did chance a look back. Dante' was coming out of the house, running after me. I ran faster, knowing he could catch me in a flat second.

Feeling him grab my arm I was spun around being lifted off my feet. Placing his hands around my throat he grinned. “Finally. I am going to have a pleasant time draining you to your death Keara. You should not fight me, it only angers me.”

I wrapped my hands around his wrist, straining for air. Concentrate child. My grandmothers words whooshed in my ears like a passing wind. Closing my eyes, I let my thoughts and fears go from my mind. I relaxed every muscle in my body, almost going completely limp in Dante's arms. It started with a small vibration, a tingling sensation throughout my entire body. I felt like my hair was about to stand on end, that's how bad the vibration became. Heat started at my core, like a wild fire waiting to explode, and slowly flowed to my extremities. Feeling the heat in my hands, I squeezed just a little bit harder around Dante's wrists. I knew it was coming before it even happened, and when the energy struck, Dante' flew backwards landing on his back. I opened my eyes just in time to see him land on the ground.

Just a little sneak peak into what you can expect heehee. I think you guys are going to love it.

Until next time,

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