Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Thoughts

Have you ever just been driving or sitting there and you just start thinking the craziest things? Like, what if a mountain lion jumped off the mountain right now and landed on the hood of my truck? Would it live? Would I live or die from a heart attack? What if I were rich? Would I use my money for good? Would I be greedy? Would I give to the needy?

These are just a few of the questions that pop into my head on a daily basis. There are many, many more. LOL and you wonder where I get my ideas for my books? Muaaahhhahahahahhaha!

I know! I'm not right. Anyways, I was thinking of a new topic today for a new book. I can't seem to strip myself away from the vampires, but it's kinda cool. I can't wait to get started.

By the way, I did almost hit a mountain lion. Not sure if it jumped off the mountain, but when I was on my way to work one morning, a car stopped because it was laying in the middle of the road. I was tired and didn't know why the car stopped in the dark in the middle of nowhere, went to go around him and there the lion lay, which I almost hit. Then I screamed, to myself of course as he couldn't hear me, "Go back in your vehicle you idiot!" The dude was walking towards the lion. I kept going not knowing if he got ate or not, but I'm sure DCNR was called to the rescue :).

Hey, check out my book, Night Secrets, in the right sidebar over there ----->>>>>> on Writer's Out. Watch for my upcoming tour with 6 other authors, Romancing Your Dark Side. Details soon :). I can't wait!

Ciao for now :).


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